Traditional harvest festival

Autumn festival in Raurisertal

In the mountains and valleys in Salzburg Land, autumn is one of the loveliest times of the year, the weather is generally stable and the "golden valley" lives up to its name. The landscape lights up and is radiant with the autumnal hues, while the views into the distance are unsurpassable. And when the cows 'come home' from the Alpine pasture, it is harvest festival – a time for celebration. Delicious treats, produced by farmers over the summer, can be purchased and along with the traditional Alpine cattle drive, there are other exciting items on the programme. And of course there is no shortage of atmospheric music!

"Hoagaschtn" – the motto for harvest festival

Sit together in comfort in a traditional farmhouse snug, or in the garden, enjoying a hearty snack swap exciting stories over some tempting, fresh doughnuts and just have a great time  - that is "Hoagaschtn".

Traditions and customs that are alive and well, handed-down artisan crafts – core values that are presented during the harvest festival. The herbs, wild and healing plans are just lovely to look at, they are useful too.
Along the hiking paths you will come across real natural gems, with a variety of precious healing powers. Wild thyme, meadowsweet, eyebright, arnica, St John's wort, bloodwort, valerian, ribwort, sage, lady's mantel and many more.

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