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Wellness / Spa

Relaxation and recovery in the Birkenhof

Our wellness oasis, clad in Rauris marble, is available for your wellness holiday in the Hotel Birkenhof. Relax in the Finnish sauna at 90 °C, enjoy a Kneipp treatment with the Kneipp Hose or in the Kneipp walkway to help stabilise your circulation and unwind in the cosy relaxation room with calming music and cosy relaxation loungers. Fluffy sauna towels and cosy bathing robes along with bathing sandals are provided for your stay in the Hotel Birkenhof.

Stressful day-to-day life and hectic pace at work?

Then treat yourself to a massage or a well-being treatment:

Ear acupuncture

25 mins | € 20

On the surface of the ear there are special reflex zones, which represent the whole body, that is, there are points there which correspond to all parts of the body and organs. By scanning the ear with a massage stick it can be determined which reflex zones reactive sensitively.

Special magnetic ear plasters are affixed to these points.

Many acute and chronic complains, including headache, problems in the musculoskeletal systems (neck, chest and lower back area, slipped disc, problems with tendons and joints, hip and knee joint pain) and stomach/intestinal disorders can be treated very well without medications and without nay side effects.

Shoulder/Neck treatment

25 mins | € 29
50 mins | € 53

Tension in the neck, shoulder and back areas are part and parcel of too much stress or physical work which involves one side of the body. With a special treatment symptoms such as head and back pain are remedied and energy blockades that result from this are often dissipated. The treatment lasts for 30 mins, but to achieve a greater sense of well-being, a longer treatment time is certainly advantageous.

Foot zone massage

25 mins | € 29

Rebalance your body -  get back some inner harmony and mobilise those powers of self healing – that is the aim of a foot zone massage.

All the organs in a person's body are reflected in the feet.

Even 5000 years ago, the Chinese realised that a pressure massage on the feet and stimulating specific points can have a healing effect. All organs, muscles and bodily functions are located in corresponding reflex zones on the foot. A link is made via the nerve, blood, lymph and life energy streams (meridians).

Tensions and blockades loosen off. Energy is able to flow freely again. Activates your own immune defences. Eliminates toxins and waste.

Tired legs or muscle cramps?

25 mins | € 29
50 mins | € 53

A sports massage can help ease tension and cramps, stimulating regeneration straight away. The goal here is to get rid of metabolic waste in the tissues as speedily as possible and not let it pool. Sports massages alleviate the pain of overtaxed muscles, injuries heal more quickly and the massage enhances well-being.

Gentle back treatment using Rauris St John's Wort oil

25 mins | € 31
50 mins | € 58

The entire vertebral column and sacrum are gently stretched and elongated. This treatment helps glide compressed and displaced vertebra and invertebral discs back into their original position and opens up the energy pathways again.  Metabolism-promoting St John's Wort oil, made by me is massaged deeply into the tissues. This special oil carries energy from the sun  and this energy is released by massaging it in. Invertebral discs suck in the oil like a sponge, becoming thicker, softer and more elastic.

This initiates the regeneration of undernourished and twisted intervertebral discs and provides a lovely, deeply relaxing effect.

Aromatherapy oil massage

50 mins | € 58

A relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils ought to be a 'fee good' massage, one where you 'let go of the daily grind'. Wrapped up in the fragrant oil, your body gradually relaxes with the soft, flowing massage grips, alternating with light lifts, stretches and easing movements. A fundamental element of this massage is taking the strain off your back and shoulders, as well as your rib cage, stomach and pelvis.

Smoothing out and loosening off your arms and legs, right down to your feet and hands afterwards, releases tension and stimulates blood flow. Energy can then flow again into all fibres in your body. The gentle stretching and loosening of your muscles and tissues is very invigorating and relieving for your muscles and tissue. The reflex zones in your feet and hands are stimulated.

Your qualified, healing masseuse Birgit and general masseuse Carmen

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